Many People Have Changed Their Lives so far….. Now It is Your Turn.


Best Books To Read 

with 1-para summary, mind maps, exercise and To-do list

To bring immediate and tremendous change in our life

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A Must Read Book. The book describes simple and practical steps to get rid of all worries and to solve our problems.

I recommend this book for everyone. This book should be read before doing anything else in life. 


2. Next recommended step is to read this blog . We may think we don’t know what we can do in our life, but reality is that we know it. Challenge yourself in this blog and know what you can do.


The one thing book

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Read Summaries, mind maps, exercise and to-do list here

All successful people lived their life by focusing on the one thing in their life. The book describes how to choose the one thing and how to focus on that one thing which will give extraordinary results in our life.


peak book summary mind map blog

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Read Summaries, mind maps, exercise and to-do list here

The book describes about the deliberate practice which is used by many successful people to reach at the peak of their success.




Why read Book Summaries on mindmapblogs

We make summaries & blogs in a way it can bring tremendous & immediate change in our life. We can learn some basic ideas given in a book and can easily apply those ideas in our life using exercise and to-do list. Also, we use mind maps to utilize both sides (left & right) of brain, involving you more creatively. Moreover, it is free.


When to read –

1. You want to get a little experience of the book before buying & reading it

2. You have read the book but never applied the given concepts in your life

3. You have no time to read many books. but you want to change your life. 

Who am I-

I am a normal man who started improving his life by reading books and improved significantly. I just want to share summary of some books and articles in the way they bring change in my life. I believe these may be helpful for you too. I believe anyone can bring tremendous change in his life by reading books and applying in his life. To apply the concepts of books easily and in less time, I am sharing my secrets i.e. exercises and to-do list that I used. I am still in my journey of life improvement and love to discuss with you regarding this.

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