The ONE Thing: The Surprisingly Simple Truth Behind Extraordinary Results

The One Thing by Gery Keller and Jay Papasan is an excellent book which tells the secret behind extraordinary success. Below is book summary using mind map.

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Who should read

A Person who wants to do many things in his life but don’t know where to start, or a person seeking secret of extraordinary success


How one should read 

Go through the Mind Map summary , make a list of all things you want to do and apply the principles of the book to find out the one thing  you want for your extraordinary success.

The One Thing

What are the secrets behind Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Steve Jobs and P.V. Sindhu? They wanted to have their software in every PC at every home, they wanted to be world’s great investors, they wanted to design PC and phones in unique way for premium users, they wanted to be one of the world’s best sports person and many more things…….  Do they wanted all these things in their life? NO! Each of one wanted only one of these, not all of these. They put their all focus, efforts and energy for the one thing they wanted in their life.


The One Thing

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Takeaway : The Book’s Mantra is to put all our focus on a single task to get extraordinary success in a field.

My experience :

I was feeling that something was missing in my life. I was searching for that one thing. After reading this book and doing above exercise I realised that I need a medium to express my feelings and experience and to help others who want improve their life by reading book summaries or books. Then I gotta idea to make Mind Map summaries with questions and to do list. Mindmap summaries present information in concise & connected way and are very similar to the way our mind store and analysis information. Questions and to do list provide an easy and necessary tool to implement that information in our daily life. Right questions provoke our mind in the right direction. Our mind starts to search all right answers and present a lot of possibilities. Our job is to pick the most favourable possibility, decompose the task in tiny steps and put those steps into our to do list.


Last step – Make and Follow your  To-Do List: (1-5 As suggested in the book)-


1. Meditation – Morning – 5 Minute – 6:30am
2. Exercise/yoga/Run – Morning – 1 hr – 6:35am – 7:35am
3. Set Goals/Make Todo list – Morning – 15 minutes – before 8am
4. Block time in your todo list for the one thing – block 4-8 hrs in the day
5. Spend time with family – Morning 1/2 hr – Evening – 2 hr
6. Practice gratitude at regular interval throughout the day
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