How to stop Worrying and Start Living – Dale Carnegie

How to Stop Worrying and Start Living

Who should read: A person interested in self-improvement, or a person who worries a lot or a person in a problem and is worried about it, or a person in stress/ depression or worried of other people’s decisions and his future.

How should read: Explore the mindmap and give time to each element to think about them.

1-Para Summary

This book deals with some wonderful techniques to deal with our worries and problems. Author suggests that we should write our problems clearly on paper or device and should analyze its cause. Just thinking about problem in mind is not enough and it only increases our worries. Author gives the 3 step formula to overcome the worry related to any problem. Step 1- Write about worst case that can happen due to this problem. Step 2- Accept the worst case and mentally prepare yourself. Step 3- Now make a plan to improve the worst case and take action.  Authors also gives many techniques to keep your worry habit at bay. Practicing gratitude is one of these technique which works wonderful on our mind.

How to stop worrying

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Takeaway– The best way to keep away worry is (1) Keep busy yourself in good works such as reading self-help books, listening summaries of these books and (2) to understand your worries by asking questions, searching its cause, and deriving possible solutions. Do following exercise to keep worries at bay ( The exercise is motivated by the book and mostly derived from the book’s contents)



My Experience:

I was a worried man, a man who was always worried about all the little things in his life, easily irritable in his mind and with his family and showing extreme fear and shyness in public. I started to read self-help and other books, slowly slowly changes was reflected, but on temporary basis. One day I decided to invest my maximum time of the day in reading books and I did it for one month. During this period, I read this book too. After reading this book, I realized that my 80% worries were totally unrealistic and were just my fear and negative interpretation. And for seeing worst cases and finding solutions for worst cases, the rest of worries has been reduced too. No one can say that one is a man without any worry, but worry shouldn’t kill one’s life, instead should provide new solutions. That’s what I learned from this book.


I Love to Hear Your Experiences. Write it after doing above exercise several times.