Switzerland 1st, UAE 17th, India 81st in Global Talent Competitiveness Index (GTCI)

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Good days are coming but still far away. India moved from 89th place (2016) to 81st place, but still lagging a lot. It is a laggard among BRICS countries.


Global Talent Competitiveness Index (GTCI) is an annual study ranking countries and major cities on their ability to, attract, develop and retain talent. Find your country and city ranking at .

Similarities between top-ranked countries revealed the secrets behind their success – a well-developed education system which provides social and collaboration skills and nurtures the brains of children by avoiding rote learning and promoting them for creativity & self-expression, government policies that link the talents directly to innovations, a good ecosystem for business startups.

Every individual has a capability to increase his city and country ranking by involving in lifelong learning, providing creative solutions to his city’s /country’s problem and promoting kids for creativity and innovation by giving them sufficient space & time for self-thinking & creative challenges. Reading good books and summaries may be the starting point to nurture our thought pattern which will lead us in the right direction.

Peak: Secrets from the New Science of Expertise

Who should read 

 A person who wants to reach at the highest peak of success in his work.

 How should read

 Go through the Mind Map, understand the concepts and give yourself sufficient time to plan your things according to the given concepts. Start with a small step, recognise your comfort zone, take one small step to get out of your comfort zone and apply deliberate practice concepts. Just do it now.


 To learn alphabets and basics, we need naive practice, i.e. repeating same things again and again. To reach up to a level where people can recognise us for our work, we need a purposeful practice where we have specific defined goals,and we work hard for those goals. This takes sufficient time and efforts- we listen our experts and coaches, we take their feedbacks and improve ourself. Many times we come out of our comfort zone, although it is uncomfortable. Hardest thing start when we do these things on regular basis i.e.- always dare to go out of comfort zone, continuously working on the feedback, trying different ways and developing our own styles, make a lot of mistakes and failures and learn from them. This is the most  uncomfortable practice and only a few people remain involved for a long time. This is a deliberate practice in which you should involve regularly to reach at the peak of success. Purpose of this practice is to create clear mental pictures in our mind of everything related to our task which train us for faster, accurate and quicker response. The deliberate practice is useful to reach on the top of the world in a known field and for which an expert coach is already available.

Take away

The graph of success is not a linear and going upward always. It has several plateaus and dips. The person who continues to practice succeeds. The secret of Extraordinary success and becoming world’s topmost achiever is involving yourself in deliberate practice regularly for a long time.

The Mantra of this book is – do more, fail more, learn more and keep going.





Peak - actionable book summary using mind map, excercise and to do list


To-Do List

(as in previous blog)


1. Meditation – Morning – 5 Minute – 6:30am


2. Exercise/yoga/Run – Morning – 1 hr – 6:35am – 7:35am


3. Set Goals/Make Todo list – Morning – 15 minutes – before 8am


4. Block time in your todo list for deliberate practice in the one thing – block 4-8 hrs in the day


5. Spend time with family – Morning 1/2 hr – Evening – 2 hr
6. Practice gratitude at regular interval throughout the day.
Share this and Do write me your experience.


The ONE Thing: The Surprisingly Simple Truth Behind Extraordinary Results

The One Thing by Gery Keller and Jay Papasan is an excellent book which tells the secret behind extraordinary success. Below is book summary using mind map.

Previous Read : Explore everything you can do in your life


Who should read

A Person who wants to do many things in his life but don’t know where to start, or a person seeking secret of extraordinary success


How one should read 

Go through the Mind Map summary , make a list of all things you want to do and apply the principles of the book to find out the one thing  you want for your extraordinary success.

The One Thing

What are the secrets behind Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Steve Jobs and P.V. Sindhu? They wanted to have their software in every PC at every home, they wanted to be world’s great investors, they wanted to design PC and phones in unique way for premium users, they wanted to be one of the world’s best sports person and many more things…….  Do they wanted all these things in their life? NO! Each of one wanted only one of these, not all of these. They put their all focus, efforts and energy for the one thing they wanted in their life.


The One Thing

Download Mind-map (jpg)

Takeaway : The Book’s Mantra is to put all our focus on a single task to get extraordinary success in a field.

My experience :

I was feeling that something was missing in my life. I was searching for that one thing. After reading this book and doing above exercise I realised that I need a medium to express my feelings and experience and to help others who want improve their life by reading book summaries or books. Then I gotta idea to make Mind Map summaries with questions and to do list. Mindmap summaries present information in concise & connected way and are very similar to the way our mind store and analysis information. Questions and to do list provide an easy and necessary tool to implement that information in our daily life. Right questions provoke our mind in the right direction. Our mind starts to search all right answers and present a lot of possibilities. Our job is to pick the most favourable possibility, decompose the task in tiny steps and put those steps into our to do list.


Last step – Make and Follow your  To-Do List: (1-5 As suggested in the book)-


1. Meditation – Morning – 5 Minute – 6:30am
2. Exercise/yoga/Run – Morning – 1 hr – 6:35am – 7:35am
3. Set Goals/Make Todo list – Morning – 15 minutes – before 8am
4. Block time in your todo list for the one thing – block 4-8 hrs in the day
5. Spend time with family – Morning 1/2 hr – Evening – 2 hr
6. Practice gratitude at regular interval throughout the day
Share this and Do write me your experience.

What should I do with my life?

What should I do with my life (1)

This happens with many of us that we want to do something in life, but don’t know what we should do. The following mindmap provides a little exercise to our thinking muscles about all the things we can do and we should do. Complete mindmap branches by providing your answers. You may also download pdf copy.

Who should read
The person searching for the purpose or passion in life. The person want to do something but don’t know what to do.
What should I do with my life

Takeaway : Make a list of things you should to maintain your financial, physical, mental and family life in good position. Make a list of things you ever did or want to do. Plan what the skills are required for these things and how will you acquire them.
 To do :
1.  Do exercise /yoga/running/ meditation in morning –  why?-  Will produce the hormone which will keep you happy and energetic throughout day.
2. Read a self-help book in morning and evening – why? – will give the necessary balanced diet to our mind. Our mind is busy in taking negative things from media, news, gossips etc. throughout the day, which limits our thinking and train our neurons in wrong way.
3. Practice gratitude for everything and everyone in your life. Do it many times in a day.   – why?- keep our mind & emotions in control and helps in taking reasonable decisions.


How to stop Worrying and Start Living – Dale Carnegie

How to Stop Worrying and Start Living

Who should read: A person interested in self-improvement, or a person who worries a lot or a person in a problem and is worried about it, or a person in stress/ depression or worried of other people’s decisions and his future.

How should read: Explore the mindmap and give time to each element to think about them.

1-Para Summary

This book deals with some wonderful techniques to deal with our worries and problems. Author suggests that we should write our problems clearly on paper or device and should analyze its cause. Just thinking about problem in mind is not enough and it only increases our worries. Author gives the 3 step formula to overcome the worry related to any problem. Step 1- Write about worst case that can happen due to this problem. Step 2- Accept the worst case and mentally prepare yourself. Step 3- Now make a plan to improve the worst case and take action.  Authors also gives many techniques to keep your worry habit at bay. Practicing gratitude is one of these technique which works wonderful on our mind.

How to stop worrying

Download Mindmap (jpg)

Takeaway– The best way to keep away worry is (1) Keep busy yourself in good works such as reading self-help books, listening summaries of these books and (2) to understand your worries by asking questions, searching its cause, and deriving possible solutions. Do following exercise to keep worries at bay ( The exercise is motivated by the book and mostly derived from the book’s contents)



My Experience:

I was a worried man, a man who was always worried about all the little things in his life, easily irritable in his mind and with his family and showing extreme fear and shyness in public. I started to read self-help and other books, slowly slowly changes was reflected, but on temporary basis. One day I decided to invest my maximum time of the day in reading books and I did it for one month. During this period, I read this book too. After reading this book, I realized that my 80% worries were totally unrealistic and were just my fear and negative interpretation. And for seeing worst cases and finding solutions for worst cases, the rest of worries has been reduced too. No one can say that one is a man without any worry, but worry shouldn’t kill one’s life, instead should provide new solutions. That’s what I learned from this book.


I Love to Hear Your Experiences. Write it after doing above exercise several times.